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We’re one month away from the 1st Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati, July 13-15. I was pretty excited to hear we had a big festival being planned in our city, especially since I knew it was unlikely I would get to Bonnaroo this year.

My first glance at the final line-up definitely had some stand-out artists for me, but I was not sure if it would be enough to fill out all three days and keep a busy schedule of good live music watching. It took longer than I would have expected, but when the line-up for all three days was announced, I certainly had some initial plans and judgements about the festival.

I would have hoped for a few bigger names, hoping to get a few crossovers from Forecastle down the road in Louisville. I also was surprised at the short set times for many of the artists. I would have rather seen less total bands and longer set times for many of them. But at the same, there were a good amount of names on this Festival that I didn’t know yet, so I was sure that on the upside, I would discover some new music because of Bunbury.

I decided to make a playlist that includes bands for almost every time slot throughout the festival. Where I included only 4-5 songs, I was not as interested about the band, but still plan to check them out. Where I included 6-8 songs, it’s likely a band I didn’t know anything about before the Festival announcement, but I’m now interested in catching their set. Bands with 10 or more songs are the headliners or bands that have been some of my favorites for years.

FRIDAY - If I’m down there early enough, I’ll check out Scars on 45. I’ve seen them play before and would watch them again. Find Vienna, Capital Cities, and Tristen come next on my Fri afternoon. Kids These Days, an eclectic soul/hip-hop group is the first band I’m especially looking forward to seeing. That actually kicks off a particularly good stretch of bands. After that I’ll check out Henry Clay People, Crash Kings. These two that have been among my favorites of newly discovered bands in this playlist. Then I might watch some of Ponderosa, but more likely I’ll watch local band The Minor Leagues. The bigger names come up next, starting with an Ohio roots-rock-reggae band that I’ve been known for ten years, O.A.R. I’m expecting good things from Ra Ra Riot and Airborne Toxic Event after that. After that I’ll check out either Minus the Bear or the wild Reverend Peyton. I will stick around for Jane’s Addiction, but it’s the headliner that I’m least excited about of the three. At first glance, I was not all that interested in Friday, probably because of the Jane’s Addiction finale, but it may prove to be the strongest overall day.

SAT - Depending on arrival time, I’ll check out Wheels on Fire to kick off the day. Then at 1:30, by strong recommendation of a friend, Alberta Cross. Two more bands I didn’t know much about a few weeks ago are 1,2,3 and Jukebox the Ghost, both of which I’m now looking forward to seeing. I’ll probably catch some of Secret Music next before I check out one of my most anticipated bands of the weekend, Imagine Dragons. I’m really impressed with their new EP and they stand out as one of my Top 5 to see this weekend. Manchester Orchestra and 500 Miles to Memphis should keep things exciting before I take a break. I’m not that interested in Gaslight Anthem, so I’ll probably use that time for a late dinner. The night comes to a great close though with Grouplove (another Top 5) followed by the veteran Saturday headliner Weezer.

SUN - Once again, depending on arrival time, I’ll likely watch Archer’s Paradox and Yawn. Especially early on, Sunday gets pretty slow for me. This is the longest stretch of the weekend that I’m just not all that interested in the bands playing, til we get to 5:15. However, directly after what I would consider the weakest stretch, comes some of the best bands of the Festival for me. City & Colour, Good Old War, Will Hoge, Passion Pit, and Death Cab For Cutie. While Sunday may not be eventful all day, that might come in handy considering any fatigue from a busy previous two days. I may use Sunday afternoon to rest and recharge for the exciting finale in the evening.

(Source: Spotify)